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"Value the talent and ability God has given us to Achieve all our goals through strength and fearlessness; as we Lead each other to the next level by being able to Overcome trials, tribulations, challenges, and battles; while maintaining Respect for the VALOR".

The Valor strives:

To promote and maintain physical exercise, physical fitness, and moral well being of children.
To engage, assist, encourage, participate and teach football, basketball, baseball, track and cheer.
To further sportsmanship and honor among children in a competitive atmosphere.
To promote and oversee amateur games, contests, sports, and athletics while elevating the standards and competitive level of amateur athletics.
To foster and encourage community pride through local amateur athletics.
To instill wholesome values in youngsters and young adults.
To assist in combating juvenile delinquency by providing and promoting the physical and emotional well being of young athletes.
To assist in helping our athletes achieve all of their dreams and foster their skills to make them competitive at the next level.


Valor stands for the strength, bravery, and fearlessness that lies in all of us and gives us the ability to develop strong bonds to each other, protect one another, and battle together to achieve overall victory and honor.