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Congratulations Valor Scholar Athletes

Not only do we have an amazing group of athletes within the Valor organization - but we have some very smart ones too!!!

We want to congratulate all of the Valor Scholar Athletes. Those that have a GPA of 3.0-3.49 are recognized as scholar ballers on the Phoenix AYF website. Those that have 3.5-4.0+ have been invited to the scholar athlete dinner at ASU on November 1st. Those that have 3.75 and above will get special recognition at the banquet.

Please see our list below of our amazing scholar athletes!

SUMMA CUM LAUDE 4.0 Jayden James

UMMA CUM LAUDE 4.0 Mariah Frink

MAGNA CUM LAUDE 3.81 Dejhana Rock

MAGNA CUM LAUDE 3.75 Chloe Simpson

CUM LAUDE 3.62 Nia James

Adrian Dahlene 3.58

Eddie Weigl 3.39

Marco Palafox 3.60

AJ Dutchover 3.69

Elijah Espinoza 3.38

Marcos Torres 3.30

Andrei Mayberry 3.8

Jakius Mayberry 3.09

Mayson Koselke 3.00

Austin Butler 3.25

Jason Holloway 3.55

Miles Lockhart 3.50

Brendon Rice 3.33

Javery Mayberry 3.18

Nicholas Huff III 3.75

Brennen Edwards 3.17

Jaxon Branch 3.42

Noah McKinney 3.89

Brett Zicafoose 3.6

Jayden Durrah 3.52

Ray Jackson III 3.58

Brycen Tambone 3.54

Jayden Mayberry 4.00

Ryan Walter 3.13

Caleb Smith 3.50

Jesean Mayberry 3.67

Scout Burley 3.83

Chad Roderick 4.0

Karsten Lee 3.08

Stockton Dye 3.75

Christopher Warner 3.95

Keano Solano 3.75

Umu Kamuka 3.58

Curtis Arthur 4.00

Ky Lockhart 3.94

Xander Warner 4.00

Damian Sellers 3.58

Lenox Richard 3.42

Zander Katsirebas 3.8

Demetrius Rock 3.21

Marc Duerson III 3.67

Dylan Mayginnes- 3.79

Marco Cavazos 3.08

Frys Community Card Program

Support the youth in our community by simply enrolling your Fry's card today. Since Next Level Youth Athletics is a non-profit organization, Fry's is helping the community with giving back a portion of what is spent in their stores by those who are enrolled under our organization.

Go to and enroll your card today under Next Level Youth Athletics.

Then make sure everytime you shop there, you present your card or the phone number attached to it and this will help accumulate credit towards our club. It's so easy and you have no idea of the impact you will make. Help out the Valor today and sign up!!